When things go wrong in the world of nonprofits it is typically the board that is the brunt of criticism. The reason for this is corruption in the CEO or employees, a poorly functioning board of directors could result in mismanagement or even financial ruin. This is why it’s so important to ensure that your Board is equipped with the skills and know-how to ensure proper supervision for your company.

You should seek out Nonprofit Board members who are committed to the cause and who are committed to serving your organization’s needs. They must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities so they can take part in all of your organisational decisions, such as establishing policies, setting the salary for the executive director, and raising funds.

A functioning board is an essential link between your nonprofit and the community. The board is responsible of determining the best way for your organization to serve the community. The staff members and the executive director will then implement the plan that the board has formulated through day-today operations.

In the past, many non-profits sought wealthy and well-connected individuals to be on their boards. These connections are still crucial however, it’s more common to find people who have a passion for your cause and a strong commitment to the cause. It is also important to attract people for different roles so that your board is comprised of a wide range of perspectives and opinions. A study conducted by Korngold found that 78% of members of boards of non-profit organizations say that they are more inclined to listen when other viewpoints are presented.

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